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Ask questions. Stay informed, and keep learning.

Our executive leadership, academic researchers, and licensed professional subject matter experts provide in-depth research, analysis, and insights to help Global Mobility professionals understand the key issues of our times to adapt and thrive. 

peace of mind on the move

REA commissioned a qualitative study into the state of global mobility post-pandemic and the impact of key workforce trends across The Americas, Asia and Asia-Pacific, United Arab Emirates, and Europe.


View Researcher Highlights and read The Executive Summary and The Study to explore how Flexible and inclusive HR policies can bring ‘Peace of Mind on the Move’ to mobile professionals and their families and build a workforce fit for Industry 5.0.

Researcher Q+A
approx 2 min

Researcher Q+A
The 'Big Data' + 'Thick Data' Approach
approx 2 min

Researcher Q+A
The 'Psychological Contract'
approx 2 min



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