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Leverage Linkedin


Barb Girson

Ready to Leverage LinkedIn? Gain Visibility, Create Habits + Get Noticed!

Barb Girson will provide examples and tangible takeaways to help you stand out in the crowd and take charge of your career whether you are:

In a Job Search
Exploring Your Next Career Move, OR
Happily and Securely Employed.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

Gain Visibility to Increase Exposure
Create Habits for Sustainability
Get Noticed to Move Ahead

Now is the time to show up and shine!

UnMasked: Talent Management + Workforce Trends


Heather De Cruz-Cornaire

DISCOVER how career lives have changed for a diverse talent pool during the COVID-19 Pandemic as they Navigate the New Normal, including:

New Recruits on-boarding
Company Leaders

Join REA Global Services Team Leader, Heather De Cruz-Cornaire, for a 45-minute webinar where she shares emerging talent management trends. Using industry sources, research analysis and professional insights, Heather will Unmask key trends at different stages during the pandemic showing "what has changed" for both Organisations and Individuals/Employees.

Polish Your LinkedIn Profile


Barb Girson

Ready to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile? Let's make it P.O.P.

Did you know that your LinkedIn Profile will be 40x's more likely to appear in search results if it's complete?

That's a 4000% potential increase in opportunities. Wow!

And, that's just the beginning.

Barb will provide examples and tangible takeaways to help you polish your LinkedIn Profile for maximum visibility and effectiveness!

Journey Through The Gettysburg Address


John Uprichard

Hosted by REA Partners in Transition

Please JOIN US for

A Journey through the GETTYSBURG ADDRESS!

Gain a timely and unique perspective on the Power of COMMUNICAION, INCLUSION and the Spirit of Moving Forward.

The Hidden Job Market


Barb Girson

What IS The Hidden Job Market?
And, WHY is it more important than ever, now?

Expert Professional Career Coach, Barb Girson, will show you how to tap the potential of the Hidden Job Market.

Barb will provide examples and tangible takeaways to help you expand your professional network towards finding your next job!

Career Buoyancy


Heidi Ravis

Lost your Job?
Facing a Career Setback?

Learn how to Create RESILIENCE!

Resilience brings security in a constantly changing world.

Expert Professional Career Coach, Heidi Ravis, will show you how to anticipate risks and feel comfortable with change.

Heidi will provide examples and tangible takeaways to help you Create Career Buoyancy to Stay Afloat in Today's Labor Market!

How to Ace the VIDEO Interview


Paula Robb

Facing an INTERVIEW? (that's not 'Face-to-Face')

Learn how to ACE it!

It's so important to build rapport and chemistry with the interviewer. It's also hard to do with a technology barrier. We understand. And, we've got you covered!

Expert Professional Career Coach, Paula Robb, will show you how to convince your future employer that you're THE PERFECT FIT.

Paula will provide examples and tangible takeaways to help you ACE the Video Interview!

The Power of Mindset


John Uprichard

Hosted by REA Partners in Transition

Feeling 'DISTRACTED' by all the 'Noise' around you during this crisis?

Reclaim your focus with the POWER of MINDSET.

John Uprichard is the CEO of Find Great People, a nationally recognized executive recruitment firm with a talent platform in 44 states and 14 countries. Under his leadership, FGP has experienced over 2500% revenue growth and been recognized in consecutive years as one of the 100 largest privately held companies in the SC 100 and Inc. 500. Find Great People is one of South Carolina’s Fastest-Growing Companies and a 'Best Place to Work'.

Networking During Lockdown


Susan Swavely

Feeling 'STUCK' with your Job-Search?

We're here to help.

Searching for a Job during a worldwide Pandemic can feel futile and frustrating. We understand.
We are here to support you.

REA Professional Coach, Susan Swavely, will offer timely and useful tips and guidance for navigating your Job-Search in these uncharted waters.


Imagine what life would be like, empowered to try anything?

Kaitlin describes her experience working with an REA Professional Coach, how it helped her see her strengths, and find a new path.
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