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Trusted, professional guidance for mastering what's next.

Workforce management is stressful.  
Our high-touch boutique approach enables organizational leaders and employees to thrive through change.
Offering 1:1 or Group Coaching as part of your Outplacement program is a strategic imperative for responsible workforce management.
Facing staff reductions? Ease the process with our Free Checklist.
Key Benefits


Supports Duty of Care

Coaching empowers your exiting employees with skills to thrive through change.


Nurtures Company Culture

Taking care of exiting employees alleviates anxieties, instills confidence, and creates stability for those remaining. 


Protects Company Brand

Cost-effective means to ensure good-will throughout the employee lifecycle

The Art (and Power) of the Graceful Exit

Helping your company write its next chapter. 

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services for the company
Gear up for a resilient future with Expert, Compassionate Coaching – from smoothing out workforce transitions to handling notifications with heart. Count on us for ongoing support that fuels growth, ensuring your journey is all about stability and success.
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Strategic PLANNING

Careful Planning for a Resilient Future

Navigate uncertainties with our expert guidance, ensuring strategic decisions that prioritize both organizational stability and the well-being of your employees.

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Empathetic Communication in Challenging Times

Our notification services offer a compassionate touch, helping you communicate changes with transparency, professionalism, and a focus on supporting employees through a challenging period.

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Supporting Careers, Fostering Growth

Our holistic services provide ongoing support, empowering your team with resources, training, and assistance for a seamless transition, ensuring the internal resilience and growth of your organization.

services for the employee
1:1 Dedicated Career Coach provides personalized guidance to help exiting employees, from early career to executives, recognize their transferrable skills, set goals, and identify new opportunities. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your employees and organization.


LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Our coaches craft compelling resumes and LinkedIn profiles that stand out to potential new employers.



We offer practical assistance to research the market, expand and engage the job-seekers network, identify new opportunities, prepare for interviews, and negotiate offers.



Experienced professional coaches provide much-needed emotional and psychological support to help employees cope with the stress of job loss and manage the path forward.

why choose rea?
REA Professional Coaches understand that well-being is the foundation for success. For that reason, it's at the center of everything we do.   
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  • Proven Track Record: We maintain a 97% satisfaction rating and have a 40+ year history of successfully helping employees transition to new opportunities.

  • Experienced Coaches: Our team of certified coaches has extensive experience in a wide range of industries.

  • Cost-Effective Partner in your Success: Our outplacement solutions provide your organization an excellent return on investmentWe're here to support your company's goals and your employees' well-being during times of transition.

We’ve been the proud recipients of  Service Excellence Awards for over three decades.


My coach helped me find meaningful WORK-LIFE BALANCE in my new role



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