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Professional, trusted guidance for showcasing your brand, finding your best-fit career, and landing the job, FASTER.

Helping you find your best-fit job, and getting YOU noticed is our expertise. Supporting your well-being through the process is our top priority.

Key benefits


1:1 Professional Coach

A confidante in your corner


Experienced career coaches provide personalized strategies to help prepare you for a successful job search with confidence. This dedicated relationship, focused on your overall well-being, is designed to help you thrive in your career and your life. 


Just-in-Time Services

Exactly what you need, when you need it. 

Establish and meet your goals on your timeline. Topics may include: 

  • Resumes/Cover Letters

  • Personal Branding

  • LinkedIn + Social Media

  • Networking - the 'Hidden Job Market' 

  • Job Search Strategy

  • Interview + Skills

  • Salary Negotiation


2-Way Seamless Communication

A coach in your pocket 


Our two-way coaching management app provides on-demand appointment scheduling, messaging, and goals tracking, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails. Push notifications ensure no messages are missed, helping you focus on your goals—not your email.  

Coaching instills CONFIDENCE.

An investment in professional coaching is an investment in yourself that keeps growing YOU!
Expert Guidance from coaches who care.

Every job-seeker deserves to approach the search with confidence.


That's why we offer comprehensive expert coaching services designed to empower them.


Here's how we can help:

Create your authentic brand and learn how to position yourself to get noticed.


8-10 SECONDS. That's the average time an employer takes to screen your Resume before considering you for an interview. Or not.


93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check out candidates.

We know EXACTLY what they're looking for. Do you?


Personal Branding Coaching includes:

Coaching sessions that encourage reflection and meaningful discussion, helping job-seekers gain clarity about their unique brand - their interests, skills, and experience - including how best to translate them successfully. 

Expert Career Coaches provide job-seekers with personalized recommendations for developing and showcasing their unique 'brand' through their LinkedIn Profiles, Resumes, CVs, and Bios. Coaches also offer expert advice on presenting their skills and experiences most effectively so they will stand out from the crowd. 


Goals and Action Plans are critical to success. Coaches help job-seekers set realistic goals and create actionable plans to reach them. 


Personal branding coaching transforms how you present yourself professionally by ensuring your resume, CV, and LinkedIn profile best reflect your strengths and career goals, making you stand out in a competitive job market. 1:1 coaching helps you craft a compelling personal narrative showcasing your unique value, attracting more job opportunities and attracting recruiters' attention. With polished professional documents and profiles, you'll gain confidence in applying for jobs, networking, and interviewing. Moreover, personal branding supports long-term career growth, teaching you to refine your materials to stay competitive and relevant continually.


Embrace personal branding coaching to enhance your professional presence and unlock new career opportunities!

Personal branding
Coaching Package

US Domestic Coach

Are you looking to work in the US? Start your career coaching journey with your US-based coach here.


The guidance described above is delivered in up to TWO Hours of 1:1 Coaching Sessions, completed within three months.

Personal branding
Coaching Package

Global Coach

Are you looking to work outside the US? Start your career coaching journey with your global coach here. 


The guidance described above is delivered in up to THREE Hours of 1:1 Coaching Sessions, completed within three months.

why choose rea?
REA Professional Coaches understand that well-being is the foundation for success. For that reason, it's at the center of everything we do.   
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  • Proven Track Record: We maintain a 97% satisfaction rating and have a 40+ year history of successfully helping individuals transition to new opportunities.

  • Experienced Coaches: Our team of expert, professionally certified career coaches has extensive experience in a wide range of industries and works with diverse learning styles.

  • Revolutionary In-depth Assessment + Analysis: Through a series of revolutionary assessments, coaching, and analysis, job-seekers discover career paths they feel confident and excited about. 

  • Cost-Effective Partner in Your Success: Investing in coaching to guide your career decisions safeguards valuable resources that would otherwise be underutilized. This proactive approach maximizes potential and minimizes the risk of missed opportunities, channeling resources towards promising pathways and success.

We’ve been the proud recipients of  Service Excellence Awards for over three decades.

wonderful experience

"My experience with REA was wonderful. My REA coach is a very positive and supportive person. Her guidance, support, and positive attitude helped me gain confidence in myself."


Sean B. | Client

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