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We coach individuals and families to SUCCEED through CHANGE. WORLDWIDE.


Change is Hard. Moving and changing jobs is harder. 
For the whole family.
We're passionate about creating exceptional experiences for individuals and families on the move.

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Our Coaches LISTEN, better. They CARE, more. And, they're LOCAL in 84 countries around the globe.

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US | Puerto Rico

"Sueña en grande. Establece tus metas y disfrútate el camino.”

"Dream Big. Set your Goals and Have Fun during the journey."

Pedro's holistic approach to coaching empowers professionals to reach their goals through a transformative process.  He has been an executive, business and career coach.  His involvement with national and international corporations has given him experience with different cultures and perspectives, enriching his coaching practice. 

Fluent in Spanish and English, Pedro is an Attorney who also holds multiple coaching certifications.  He is an active leader in Puerto Rico's chapter of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


They're Trusted experts.

Most hold advanced degrees. (Master's and Ph.D's)

Our coaches are award-winning, caring professionals with the knowledge and experience to guide individuals and families in career and relocation transitions.

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Employers confirmed their partner support program has had a POSITIVE INFLUENCE on family acclimation and assignment acceptance.

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"Time and again, we have seen the return on investment derived from our robust partner support offering - from the initial perception of and buy-in to the assignment offer to the level of engagement of the family. Consideration of the full family dynamic is imperative in the modern IA equation."

Ashley D | Global Mobility Partner, Pharmaceutical Industry


Imagine what life would be like, empowered to try anything?

Kaitlin describes her experience working with an REA Professional Coach, how it helped her see her strengths, and find a new path.
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