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Trusted guidance for life's pivotal decisions.

Finding the 'Best Fit' path is hard. (SO many choices!) 
We coach students, young adults, and recent grads on how to find their ideal path to academic and career success.  

Our programs feature expert guidance combined with a suite of revolutionary
self-discovery tools 
to help students understand their strengths and interests, explore career paths, and empower them to make confident decisions about their future. 

Key benefits


Personal Discovery

Students receive personalized mentorship from expert professional career coaches, and a comprehensive assessment, uncovering their unique strengths and interests to help inform their biggest decisions.


Confident Choices

Through 1:1 coaching, students develop confidence in their skills and decisions, empowering them to navigate their paths easily.


Clear Strategies

Support from a dedicated professional coach ensures students and job-seekers have a clear and actionable plan to transition seamlessly between educational and career phases - so they can thrive through change.

Self-knowledge opens doors.

In this case, it led to college admissions and scholarships! Listen to Addison's story.

Click-to-Play 2-minute  Video:

Addison describes how stressed she felt with so many BIG decisions ahead of her as a High-School student. Working with her 1:1 PathFinder Coach helped her identify her strengths and interests and a clear path forward that she feels confident about!  We look forward to Addison continuing her Career Coaching journey with us!

Expert Guidance from coaches who care.

Every student deserves to approach life's pivotal decisions with unwavering confidence.


That's why we offer comprehensive expert coaching services designed to empower them.


Our program fosters confidence and insight through in-depth analysis and lays the foundation for ongoing coaching support, empowering students to make informed decisions throughout their career journey.


Here's how we can help at various stages of the academic journey:

Know yourself. Make confident decisions.


One size doesn't fit all. College, trade school, or vocation-bound students make confident and informed decisions about their academics, internships, scholarships to pursue, and career paths based on what they learn naturally ‘fits’ them best. Discovering with their coach where their strengths and interests intersect with real-world careers is a game-changer at this pivotal time.

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PathFinder Coaching Packages include:

1:1 Coaching sessions with a professional career coach that encourage reflection and meaningful discussion, helping students and recent grads gain clarity about their best-fit path ahead. The program features expert career guidance and a suite of tools designed to help students understand their strengths and interests, explore career paths, and empower them to make confident decisions about their future. 

A revolutionary online self-discovery assessment tool with engaging activities measures individual strengths and interests and includes personalized career matches. Coaches provide expert guidance and interpretation, robust personalized insight, and clear analysis of assessment results.


Educational pathway suggestions and resources align with students’ strengths and interests. Expert Coach analysis of a comprehensive skills report helps students understand what they are good at and how their natural strengths can be applied in various careers. Students also gain access to information about scholarships, grants, and financial aid.

A career discovery platform enables students to explore different careers, job descriptions, and the day-to-day activities of professions matched to their strengths and interests. Coaching provides practical context, helping students connect the dots to see how their natural abilities align with ‘best-fit’ careers.

Career readiness resources provide students with personalized information for creating resumes, completing applications, conducting interviews, and applying for jobs and internships. Coaches provide expert advice on how to present their skills and experiences most effectively so they will stand out from the crowd. 


Goals and Action Plans are critical to success. Career Coaches help students set realistic goals and create actionable plans to reach them. 

PathFinder STARTER
Coaching Package 

A great start for your coaching journey!


The guidance and suite of tools described above are delivered in TWO 1:1 Coaching Sessions, completed within three months.


DEEP-DIVE Coaching Package 

Get more value, more insights, more confidence with more 1:1 Coaching time!

The guidance and suite of tools are delivered in FIVE 1:1 Deep-Dive Coaching Sessions, completed within six months.



Is a student in your life feeling stressed about what's next?

Listen as Erin describes how REA's 1:1 PathFinder Coaching helped her high school daughter shift from overwhelmed to confident and excited about her path ahead. 
We coach students to identify and take action on their best-fit path forward. Whether they are choosing majors, vocations, trade schools, colleges, or careers - we empower them to thrive.
why choose rea?
REA Professional Coaches understand that well-being is the foundation for success. For that reason, it's at the center of everything we do.   
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  • Proven Track Record: We maintain a 97% satisfaction rating and have a 40+ year history of successfully helping individuals transition to new opportunities.

  • Experienced Coaches: Our team of expert, professionally certified career coaches has extensive experience in a wide range of industries and works with diverse learning styles.

  • Revolutionary In-depth Assessment + Analysis: Through a series of 'gamified' assessments, coaching, and analysis, students discover career paths they feel confident and excited about. 

  • Cost-Effective Partner in Your Success: Investing in coaching to guide academic and career decisions safeguards valuable resources that would otherwise be underutilized. This proactive approach maximizes potential and minimizes the risk of missed opportunities, channeling resources towards promising pathways and success.

We’ve been the proud recipients of  Service Excellence Awards for over three decades.

College Friends

Risk-management 'insurance'.

This coaching program is the best investment!  It’s a risk-management insurance policy for protecting education spending and future success.”


Alyssa A. | Parent

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