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REA Welcomes Lynn Wagner as New President

PRESS RELEASE | June 22, 2022

Lynn Wagner | President

Celebrating its 40th year as an award-winning WBE, providing global career coaching and relocation support to individuals and families in transition, REA (Ricklin-Echikson Associates) is delighted to announce the hiring of Lynn Wagner as its new President.

Lynn will work alongside CEO, Lorraine Bello, bringing her 25 years of expertise in global mobility to help shape the strategic vision, and drive business growth through new client and customer experience solutions. Under Lynn’s leadership, the REA team will continue to provide best-in-class support to our service partners, corporations, employees, and families on the move.

Lorraine Bello | CEO
“During the past 2 years, there have been so many challenges and changes that have affected the workplace and our industry." Bello notes."Being able to attract, retain and develop the workforce while successfully incorporating remote and hybrid work dynamics has been challenging. Add to that, automation and AI, ensuring a focus on DE&I, sustainability, and Duty of Care all while containing costs, has required a new level of agility. I am very excited to help Lynn leverage her extensive experience in relocation and talent mobility services to develop innovative solutions to the many new talent issues facing organizations today.

Wagner began her career in global mobility with EY assignment management consulting in Dallas where she provided direct support to assignees and families moving globally. After several years of gaining insight into the difficulties that families face while making relocation transitions, Wagner moved to Vandover (later acquired by IMPACT Group) in St. Louis and found the particular aspect of mobility that would become her focus. She led the firm’s global coaching practice and quickly became a subject matter expert for the business development unit. She later joined the account development team and led client and partner relationships while continuing to be a key resource within the organization for product development and process improvement.

I am thrilled and honored to be joining REA with their reputation for quality services and passion for coaching”, says Wagner. “Having spent over two decades focused on mobility transition coaching, I am convinced that it is among the most important services offered to employees as they uproot their lives, and often families, to pursue careers and their employer’s business goals”, she continued.

Wagner holds GMS-T and CRP credentials and is an active member of the Worldwide ERC and other pivotal regional mobility groups.

“Both Lynn and I are passionate about and committed to finding solutions to the new issues facing corporations, employees, and families in transition,” Bello says. “I am confident that our synergistic partnership is poised to create new and exciting opportunities for REA and for the families and companies we serve."

Wagner will assume the role of President effective immediately. Please join us in welcoming Lynn to the REA team.

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