US | Midwest

Barb co-creates individual success strategies, working with job-seekers to overcome obstacles and move forward. Barb helps professionals "gain confidence, get into action, and grow professionally and personally™".


EUROPE | Germany

Intuitive, honest and exceptionally good at asking the right questions, Elke is an expat with broad experience in Human Resources, Education, Health and Finance.


ASIA | Singapore

An executive coach specializing in Leadership and Career Development, Ed's sincere approach and ever-positive attitude reflects his passion for helping executives and entrepreneurs achieve their fullest career potential.


US | Northeast

Heidi helps professionals pursue their passions and reach their potential. She's worked extensively with global expats. Her deep respect for the unique needs and gifts of each individual inspires positive change and outcomes for professionals.


US | West

Best known for her inspiring, intuitive and solution-focused coaching style, Eliana partners with and supports individuals towards their specific goals, always facilitating personal and professional development through a nurturing but pragmatic approach. Professionals working with Eliana become self-aware leaders who feel more prepared to face professional challenges.


US | Puerto Rico

Pedro's holistic approach to coaching empowers professionals to reach their goals through a transformative process. He has been an executive, business and career coach. His involvement with national and international corporations has given him experience with different cultures and perspectives, enriching his coaching practice.