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Career +relocation



Imagine what life would be like, empowered to try anything?

Kaitlin describes her experience working with an REA Professional Coach, how it helped her see her strengths, and find a new path.
We coach individuals and families to SUCCEED through CHANGE. 
Change is hard.  Moving and changing jobs is harder. The right coach can make all the difference. 
Getting YOU noticed is our top priority. We'll teach you how to network in the new area, create your authentic brand and attract your next employer.

REA is passionate about creating exceptional experiences for individuals and families on the move.  We’ve been the proud recipients of  
Service Excellence Awards for more than three decades.


Create your AUTHENTIC BRAND and LEARN HOW to position yourself to GET NOTICED.

8-10 SECONDS. That's the average time an employer takes to screen your Resume before considering you for an interview. Or not.

93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check out candidates.
We know EXACTLY what they're looking for. Do you?

  • Resume, CV, Bio

  • LinkedIn Profile

Intra-US Move | Up to 2 hrs Coaching $495
Global Move | Up to 3 hrs Coaching $795


Land the job, FASTER. Achieve your goals, SOONER.

Gain tools and CONFIDENCE to THRIVE in this exciting new chapter with your Coach who is an expert in the latest strategies to propel you in your job search.

  • Networking the 'Hidden Job Market'

  • Personalized Search Strategy

  • Interview Coaching

  • Salary + Job Offer Negotiation

  • Remote-Work Coaching

Intra-US Move | Up to 2 hrs Coaching $495
Global Move | Up to 3 hrs Coaching $795


Transport your LIFE. Wherever you're going. And, do it in record time.

Get COMFORTABLE and CONNECTED in your new zip-code or culture. Your coach will enhance the experience and SAVE you precious TIME.

Your coach is an EXPERT. YOU will be, too.
Learn about:

  • Fun Things to Do In Your New Community

  • Meeting New People

  • Volunteering + Meaningful Pursuits

  • Healthcare, Daycare + Activities

Services are customized.  List of services are only a sampling.

Intra-US Move | Up to 2 hrs Coaching $495
Global Move | Up to 3 hrs Coaching $795

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My coach worked with me to create a LinkedIn Profile, which was an extremely difficult task as I have been out of the workforce for about 20 years.  Her probing questions helped me think about what I do and what services and talents I can provide my future employer.  


I think my LinkedIn presence looks professional and now I’m excited to start reaching out to add old and new connections to my page. 

Robert W. Spouse

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