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White Paper | "The New and the next" In Careers Industry

PRESS RELEASE | Whitehouse Station NJ, January 19, 2022

REA participates in Career Thought Leader 12th annual White Paper and is Recognized Among Global Contributors to Report on How 5 Mega Trends are Transforming Careers.

Continued talent gaps, increased freelance work, employee-directed work environments, inclusive organizations, and empathetic leadership are the future in the workplace. What do relocating spouses/partners need to know to successfully transition their career when relocating?

Career Thought Leaders Consortium (CTL) answers this question and more in an annual white paper that reports trends in the careers industry. Based on insights gathered from industry professionals in across the globe, these trends are critical information for career practitioners who guide clients in career management, leadership development, and job search.

The insights into the latest trends originate annually from the Career Thought Leaders event entitled Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next (

This year, experts discussed how five megatrends are changing the careers landscape, including:

* Artificial intelligence, population growth, and technology-aided career development,

* Broader definitions of diversity and increased focus on equality in hiring,

* Technology tools specific to hiring and job search,

* Shift in worker attitudes leading to record numbers of resignations and a surge in gig work, and

* Demands on leaders to build inclusive organizations and lead with empathy.

Susan Swavely and Erin Suess, of REA – Partners in Transition were among the career professionals who brainstormed the ideas, trends, and best practices shared in this report. Susan reflected, “It was a privilege to synergize with other career professionals worldwide on where our industry is heading.”

To download the 2022 Career Industry Trends White Paper, visit

About Career Thought Leaders (CTL): The mission of Career Thought Leaders Consortium, an international think tank, is to advance and professionalize the career industry by improving career management, leadership development, and career agility of professionals worldwide.

Over the past 35+ years, REA's talented coaches in 84+ countries have helped 100,000+ individuals and 'families on the move' successfully navigate career and life transitions. Just ask our clients.

They experience it firsthand and are happy to say so with a 99% service satisfaction rating year after year.

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