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Moving to Your Dream City as a Remote Worker

Over the past several years we’ve seen a change that has led to relocation being a top priority

among Americans. In 2018, around 25% of people who were looking to buy a house searched

outside their current metropolitan area. This number reached 31.5% at the beginning of 2021

and, as of this year, it is around 32.4%. The fact is, many people are leaving cities with higher

costs of living. This statistic and trend also present a wonderful opportunity to leave a city you’re unhappy living in and move somewhere that brings you joy. The percentage of people working remotely is expected to increase and larger homes in more suburban areas are helpful for

families with two adults who are trying to work from the same home. There are many things that

must be considered and planned for when moving to your dream city as a remote worker. The following tips can help to ease your transition.


When you’ve decided on the city you want to move to, you’ll need to research the housing

market there. One thing to consider is the median cost of homes in the area you want to live in.

You’ll also want to factor in any moving costs; as a plus, you can research for your out-of-state

move entirely online. Utilizing cost of living (COL) and moving calculators will help you determine if your salary will support your lifestyle in your dream city. It can also help to look at the percentage of dual-income households in the city. While nationwide 53% of households are dual income, you can identify which cities have a lower percentage, and in turn a lower COL.

Online forums can be a great way to research other facets of the city. If one exists for the

prospective location of your move, you can use them to see what residents really think of the

area. You can also ask important questions about things like what are the best school districts

and the best neighborhoods to live in.


When you’ve selected potential neighborhoods and have an idea of the cost of housing, you can begin looking at homesUnless you plan to take a trip to work with a realtor in person, you may want to consider using websites such as Zillow to look at homes in the area. Many of these listings include 3D tours, which can help you really get a feel for the space. You can also look into obtaining a home loan pre-approval. This will help provide you with an idea of what loan amount and types of programs you can be approved for as you look for your dream home. Dual-income families are likely to be able to qualify for a larger mortgage amount, but remember that both of your credit scores will be considered if you apply together. Before getting a pre-approval is a great time to review both of your credit scores and determine if this is the right way for you to get your mortgage. Having a pre-approval can also help you be a competitive buyer because it shows you’ll be able to pay for the house and secure a mortgage. This is an extra important step towards gaining trust when you’re not meeting a realtor or seller in person.


Big moves are stressful, but relocation coaching can help things move more smoothly and many employers offer this type of support to their relocating employees. A relocation coach can help you by:

  • supporting your research on neighborhoods and the housing market by providing expertise on the city that you plan to move to.

  • assisting with settling into your new city by providing information about local businesses, activities, culture, volunteering, and all of the other small details that will round out your life in a new place and make your move fulfilling.

  • providing guidance in the job search, by saving you time, and helping you stand out with a great employer, if you or your partner need to apply for a job in your new city.


Relocating can be a difficult process, but it’s ultimately rewarding if it brings comfort and joy to

your life. With a little planning and expert assistance from professionals who understand what

you’re going through, you can remove some of the stress from your move and get started on

this new chapter of your life.

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